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Small Business Legal Services, P.C. was founded by Pam Hamilton, better know as the Home-Biz Coach, to effectively help more small and home-based business owners to start and build thriving, successful and highly profitable businesses.


 Our Vision and Mission Statement:

  “To provide innovative, results oriented legal and coaching services to small and home-based business owners to help them start and/or grow their business into successful, thriving and profitable enterprises that they can pass on smoothly to future generations or otherwise exit profitability through a sale or other transaction that provides both lump sum and ongoing passive income; And to do so in a comfortable, open and supportive environment for both clients and staff.”


Why This Company Was Started:


Most small and home-based business owners need a combination of services. These needs generally include handling legal needs to insure their business is well protected, using proper business structures and staying up to date and in compliance with the law; but they also include coaching and/or consultant services to insure their company is taking advantage of the best strategies, practices and technologies to help them grow as fast and profitably as possible; and finally, these businesses generally need help planning and implementing the best exit or other succession strategy for their business. For many small and home-based business owners this means dealing with a variety of different providers, none of whom know their full story and often will even provide contradictory advice.

This company was created as the solution to that problem. It is a place where small and home-based business owners can come for legal advice and services, strategic coaching and ongoing support in starting and growing their business successfully.


What Makes Us Different:


Most big law firms focus on billable hours and big dollar clients. They simply don’t have the time or inclination to provide services  to start-ups and smaller, or home-based business owners, and rarely give them the time and attention they need. Even many firms that claim to work with small businesses really aren’t geared to working with companies earning less than $250k or more per year.

As a result, many start-ups and small and home business owners turn to online and do it yourself options that are little more than computer generated questionnaires and can’t provide the same level of services and support of a competent business attorney or coach.

In addition, the coaching services that are often available to these business owners are either, rah rah feel good type services that offer no real benefit to the company’s bottom line; only provide traditional start-up advice; offers marketing advice with little or no regard to the legal ramifications or internal structures needed to support it; or are well outside the budgetary capabilities of the average small or home-based business owner.

And to add insult to injury, almost none of these types of services offer any kind of results guarantee.

Small Business Legal Services, P.C. is different — small and home-based businesses are all we work with. So you get our undivided attention. Period.

We take the time to get to know you, your business, and your goals, dreams and aspirations. then we work with you every step of the way, to make those dreams a reality. And we guarantee that when you work with us and implement the strategies and techniques we show you, you’ll get real results.


Why You Should Work With Us:


The short answer to that question is that we help you build your business faster and more profitability than you may have imagined was even possible.

How do we do that?

We start by helping you choose the right business structure for your business, where it is now. Then we help you use that structure to the full extent of the law to save costs, reduce taxes, protect your assets and grow your business. We also provide you with access to our million dollar ad library featuring full marking campaigns, headline swipe files and more to help you create and implement effective marketing strategies to generate leads and convert them to paying customers, make more sales, charge higher prices with out losing customers and create better margins for greater profits. But we don’t stop there. We also help you build a strong business foundation and systems that will support your business as it grows; provide succession planning, for when you’re ready to stop working in your business; and handle all your legal needs along the way.

But, most importantly, we will work with you, around your aspirations and goals, not what we think you should be aspiring to. We work with you as your partner in growing your business, the way you want it to grow. Whether your ultimate goal is to supplement your current income or build a multimillion dollar business, Small Business Legal Services, P.C. will give you the time, attention and support you need to help you achieve it.


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