Business Formation

Before he sold his first piece of lumber . . .

Lumber Yared Business   Before they announced their grand opening . . .

Grand Opening of a Plant Shop

Before her business became a success story. . .AA049031

They chose the right the right business structure for their unique situation.  If you’re ready to launch your new business, or even if you’ve already launched did you know that choosing the right business structure for your business is pretty critical to your success?

We help you choose the right business structure and use it effectively to grow your business.

With so many baby boomers retiring or quickly approaching the time where they’d like to, and seeking a way out of the rat race, there is a glutton of information suddenly available about starting a small, home-based or internet business. Some of the leading benefits promoted are the tax deductions, asset protection and other advantages available to business owners. However, it is critical that you are in the right business structure for your unique situation to truly take advantage of those benefits.

Many people choose not to use a formal business structure like a corporation or LLC because they think their business is too small, too new,  or just too insignificant.  We’ve all met those folks, who “just have a little ‘ole teeny business, they don’t think they need to worry about taking measures to protect, until it’s too late.

Others, know they need a business structure, but turn to one of those online incorporation services to save money, only to find out they’re not in the right business structure for their situation.

Most often not being in the right business structure, or worse no structure at all comes down to one of three reasons;

1. You think you can’t afford it;
2. You don’t know you need it; or
3. You not sure you can make your business successful yet, and you want to wait to see if you can.

The truth is you can’t afford not to have the right business structure if you really want to grow your business.

Question MarkOnline incorporation services can’t help you with that.  They’re not attorneys and can’t answer your questions to help guide you to the right decision. In fact, they can really only do what you tell them to. . . no offense, but talk about the blind leading the blind. If you knew how to select the right business entity and form it — you wouldn’t be talking to them!

And yet, in lawsuits around the country accusing them of practicing law without a license, one of the biggest online incorporation services in the country defended themselves again and again,  by claiming they’re just a software service . . .their software program just responds to the data you enter.  You only get legal services if you pay extra to hire an attorney they refer you to.

why go through the hassle and extra hoops?

Look building a successful business is hard. You need to be able to plan realistically for your success. And you need an experienced attorney that can work with you to draw out the right information and help you form the proper business structures for where you are now . . . and where you want to go.

This is critical when it comes to using your business to build wealth, because protecting your assets and reducing your taxes to create money to invest is a key element to making that strategy work.

And with over 20 years of legal business experience we can help you do that,  It’s what we do.

When you work with Small Business Legal Services, we listen to you, ask the right questions and help you choose the right business structure for your business.  And, there’s no nickel and diming you so we can give an artificially low price.  When we give you your corporate papers we include a Tax Id number and S-Corp election if needed, as well as a complete corporate kit. Then we show you what steps to take next with your corporate documents, and give you complimentary access to our Orange Elite Program and group coaching sessions as well as our Ask the Expert Calls to help you learn to market and grow your business effectively.  Corporate Kit

Plus, you get great discounts on additional legal services, workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions.

No one offers you more  . . .

And no law office does more to help you start and grow your business.

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