Older Guy Opening StoreI know SAYING we’re client-focused sounds like a cliche. But, the truth is, it’s who we are. Small Business Legal Services, P.C. was founded by Pam Hamilton, better known as the Home-Biz Coach for the sole purpose of helping small and home-based business owners build more profitable business.

 We believe that creating a small or home-based business is not only the wave of the future, but the best way to take control of your own financial destiny, And, we’re here to help you do just that.  In fact our goal is to show you how to use effective business structuring, simple profit formulas and proven marketing strategies to build a business that grows your wealth, reduces taxes and protects your assets.

 Like our logo says — we GROW businesses. In other words, we don’t just form your company,
we help you build it.

We aren’t just the new kid on the block, we’re different.  I keep saying it, but the simple truth is, we were designed from the beginning to help you grow your business.

 For example, when we help you set-up your new business structure, we don’t just hand you a certificate and send you on your way. We give you the tools, resources and guidance you need to grow it too.Growing Your Business

 Okay So How do we actually help you?

 We actually start by listening to you. I know that sounds hokey, but listening helps us develop and offer specifics in our courses, workshops and in-house training programs that really help you, our client. For example, how to do corporate formalities when you’re a single owner company . . .

 AND, it’s not just workshops, we include things like complimentary access to our Orange Elite Program, Ask the Expert Q&A sessions, and even professional group coaching to help you market your business better with every new business structure we set-up for our clients.  PLUS we offer affordable legal documents, One-On-One Coaching, Business & Legal Assessments & and of course, General Counsel and ala carte legal services for every phase of your business.

 Whether you’re just starting out, or have been in business for years, no law practice does more to help you succeed with your small or home-based business, and that’s a promise.