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Pam Hamilton is a practicing New York attorney and business coach, catering to
small and home-based business owners.  She is also a published author and speaker on
topics related to starting and growing your business.

But, she is best known as the “Home Biz Coach”, because she truly believes that creating a
home-based small business is the best way for the average Joe to take control of their own
financial destiny. . .

You could even say she’s passionate about it.  in fact according to her . . .


“There is nothing, I love doing more than helping  home-based & small
business owners figure out how to succeed in grabbing their share of
today’s global economy & make more money doing what they love.”



In fact, it’s how she makes her living helping everyday folks just like you, do exactly that. And she’s founded a law practice to her do it more
effectively. Her law practice is called . . . Small Business Legal Services, P.C.

 We do more than just help you form the right business structure, we help you use it effectively to start and grow a thriving home-
based or small businesses using simple proven marketing and growth strategies that produce measurable results within 30-90 days.

And, these strategies will work whether you’re just starting out, or just need to figure out how to make your existing business more

Of course We also offer – most legal services needed by small and home-based business owners as well as online and in-house work-
shops and training programs,

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Pam’s areas of expertise include: Specialties: Entity Structuring, Corporate Compliance for Soloprenuers, Small or Home-Business
Start-up, Marketing, Growth & Leveraging Strategies for Small and Home-Based Business Owners, Real Estate Investing, Contracts
and Website Legal Documents and  More . . .


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