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Let’s face it there are a lot of reasons for starting your business  — for some of us it was to finally become financially independent, or maybe, you wanted to be your own boss, create your own vision, work toward making your own dreams come true, change the world, have more flexibly, do what you love . . .

But at the root of it all — we all want our business to make money — enough money to support us in the lifestyle we’ve imagined for ourselves.

We can help you do that.

You see, we don’t just help you set-up a business structure and send you on your way. We’re entrepreneurs too, we’ve been where you are. So we can show you the ropes;  in fact we’ve built a whole online business building academy, host weekly ask the expert calls and group coaching sessions, we even provide full marketing campaigns you can copy and we have a ton of other business boosting resources to help you explode your business growth and profits – and offer one-on-one help as well.

So What’s The Secret?

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule?   We show you how to apply it to your business. What that means is we help you focus on the aspects of your business that help you grow it the fastest and the most profitably. And, we show you how to build in systems and structures that free up more of your time.  And when you’re really ready to retire you’ll be able to sell your business or transfer it to loved ones smoothly and profitably — even if you’re a solopreneur.

These Are The Areas We Focus On:

More Leads

More Leads

 The most expensive and difficult function of any business is acquiring new customers.

The reason it’s difficult has nothing to do with you, your business or your marketing. It has to do with the growth of the Internet and the tremendous number of scams and charlatans that lurk online offering every bogus product and service you can imagine.

People today are often highly skeptical of any product, service or offer… both offline and online. Consider the last time you heard an offer that you thought sounded valuable. You more than likely discovered that the offer came with certain restrictions, mandatory conditions or a buyer beware non-guaranteed transaction.

Now-a-days people need to know, like and trust you before they will buy what you’re offering. Or they need to know and trust the person that’s recommending what you sell. But many small and home-based business owners simply don’t know how to make that happen on a large enough scale to support and grow their business. That’s why we built our new E-Learning Build-A Biz-Academy and Marketing System. It’s designed to be the ULTIMATE lead generation tool for small and home-based business owners around the world.

In fact, many of today’s top marketing professionals are calling it “the single, most powerful lead generation and revenue-generating program” available today.

More Conversions

How would you like to sell more of your products or services… without increasing your traffic?

If that’s your goal then you need to improve your conversion rate.
More Conversions
Business owners are always looking for the magic formula that can optimize the performance of their lead generation efforts. Unfortunately, there is NO magic bullet… just a systemized process that can double or triple your current conversion rates. Because, let’s be honest, generating a multitude of leads is worthless unless you can convert the vast majority of those leads into actual sales. We help you do exactly that.

More Transactions

Increasing the number of times your customers purchase from you represents a profound and simple business-building strategy that can easily double or triple your profits immediately, yet few businesses ever use it.

If you have a business that has current customers, then you already have a relationship established with them. You have already invested substantial marketing dollars and resources to attract and keep them as customers.

That’s why we sure you how to put into place specific revenue-generating strategies to help them purchase more often so they benefit even greater from your product or service.  We’re not suggesting you manipulate or push unneeded products or services onto your customers. Instead, we’re advocating that you serve your clients better by offering them additional products and services they want and need.

By getting your customers to purchase more often, you dramatically reduce the cost of growing your business.

Acquiring new customers is both difficult and expensive. But getting your customers to purchase more often is incredibly easy and costs virtually nothing to do… when you know, understand and apply the right strategies in the right situations.

Higher Prices

Want to know the big secret about price?
Higher Prices
The buyer decides if the price you charge is acceptable by determining the benefits they’ll receive. Follow this to the letter and you can quickly and easily dominate your market. That’s because people don’t buy based on price.

They buy based on value. The more value you add, the more you can charge and the more likely your ideal customer or client will perceive what you offer as the best deal.

Did you know there are a multitude of pricing strategies that can dramatically increase your bottom line?

More Profits

 Would it shock you to know there are a multitude of strategies that could easily double or triple your business’s profits?

For example, how often do you leverage off of your relationships with your current customers? Most business owner’s count their blessings that they sold them once and never consider going back and asking them to buy multiple times.

In fact, for those prospects of yours that don’t buy from you, how many times do you contact them and give them additional chances to purchase what you sell. The answer for most business owners is NEVER!

Did you know that only 3% of all prospects are ready to buy right now?

The remaining 97% are not… and they need to be nurtured on a repetitious and continuous basis. For the businesses that do this, their profits soar through the roof.
More Profits
In fact, research shows that most prospects don’t become serious about buying until you market to them at least 6 times. Often existing and past customers and prospects are all but forgotten by most businesses. They assume that when these people need something they will either come in or call.

Businesses with this attitude are missing out on an enormous amount of revenue that comes from staying in continuous contact with their customers and prospects.

So how often are you contacting your prospects?

That’s why we offer an entire array of profit-generating strategies to help you grow your business; make more money — and finally, live the life you truly imagined


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If you’re serious about building a successful business and you’ve decided that now is the time to finally seek out the professional help that can make a dramatic difference in your revenue and profit, then check out our coaching services to see exactly how we help thousands of small business owners worldwide to generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money than they have ever made before.