In just a few more hours, here in the United States at least, a brand new year will be ushered in. In some parts of the world that has already happened and in other parts they’re a little further away.

But no matter where you live, very soon 2013 will be behind us.  And a new year will have begun.  It’s a time for a clean slate, for new beginnings . . . to cull through our experiences and the things we have learned over the last 365 days, keep what is useful, what will propel us forward and discard the rest. But remember to be grateful for the many good things that have come your way and the obstacles that served to make you stronger or wiser.

I hope to connect with many more of you over the coming year, to help each of you achieve more of the successes you started this journey to home-business ownership to achieve.

I wish you all a wonderful new year – one full of love, joy and success.

Pam Hamilton

Pam Hamilton,
Attorney | Author | Coach

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