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I am a firm believer in the idea that we create our own future, that our lives are in effect, good or bad, what we make of them based on our past beliefs, thoughts, habits and actions . . . and that can be a heady feeling sometimes, when things are going good. And sometimes, depending on our personal situation at the time, that can be a really hard pill to swallow.

But . . . there’s good news in that too. Because, it means EVERDAY, is a new day, a NEW BEGINNING where we can begin the process of wiping the slate clean; where we can begin to create our own new future.

With that in mind, I’m offering exercises and tips you can use, right here, on the blog – with the goal of helping you to make major breakthroughs in creating the business and lifestyle you most desire.  

Mindset Conditioning Exercise #2

Creating Your Future Daily

Please  follow the directions below to do this exercise.

There are 3 Steps to this Exercise. And you will need to gather a few things before you get started.

Materials List:   A One Inch Three-Ring Binder to use for this exercise.
Your calendar, to-do list on whatever you use to schedule your day
Something to create a time-sheet with (this can be done on your computer & printed, or with pen & paper, or any way you feel comfortable using and can generate a copy you can either keep in your binder, preferred method, or otherwise archive and get easy access to)

The Goal: The goal of this exercise is to help you to begin using the powers of your mind to shape your future the way you want it to be. We will revisit this topic in later exercises, so you need to start getting into the habit now!

STEP 1: 

This is the prep work stage. Create a Time Sheet to write down everything you know you have to do the next day. The hours are listed from 6AM to 6PM by half hour increments (except the first hour) — a 12 hour period. Many people are the most productive during these hours. However, if that is NOT the case for you, do the 12 hour period when YOU ARE the most productive in terms of running and growing your business.

That means if you work a 9-5 job, come home,  play with the kids, take a break and then work on your business from midnight until 3AM, center your 12 hours around that time period. You can change it later, when you’re making the big bucks that let you finally quit your 9-5 for good.

At any rate, whatever hours you schedule into your time-sheet, make a bunch of copies and put them into your binder –

STEP 2: Complete the Time Sheet with all the things you know you have to do the next day.  You can complete the Time Sheet anytime the previous day. Plan on setting aside no more than 20 minutes each day to do this exercise.  This is NOT a “to do” list. Don’t add a bunch of stuff you think you should do, or would like to do. Just write down the stuff you’ve already planned for the next day.

The time sheet will have space for two entries next to each time slot.

The first entry will say what you will be doing at that time. The second entry will say how you want to feel while you’re doing it.

So for example: If you know you will get up at 7 AM, write something like this at that time slot: “wake up at home — feeling good and rested” If you have to make a presentation at 11:30 AM, write something like:  “sales presentation with new prospective client – prepared and confident, in that time slot.

Remember, the goal is not to fill in every time slot if you don’t have anything planned, just the time slots where you do AND know what you’ll be doing – (phone calls, working on a marketing campaign, talking with your coach, etc), write it down along with how you want to feel when you’re doing it.

You should do this exercise everyday and keep the completed Time-Sheets in your binder.

STEP 3: you must complete the instructions in Step 2 by reviewing it just prior to going to sleep for the night.

Just before you go to sleep each night. Set aside 5 minutes to just relax. Get into a relaxed state with nothing on your mind. Then take out your  completed Time Sheet for the next day’s activities.  Look at the first thing on your Time Sheet. Imagine yourself already at the time and place for the first entry.

For example, if you wrote “waking up — feeling good and rested” as your first event of the day then imagine yourself just waking up and feeling good and rested the next morning as if it was already that time.  If you have a presentation, imagine yourself already doing it and feeling confident and prepared and it being a success.

In other words, use your imagination and watch yourself, as if you were actually doing each of the things on your list and feeling the way you want to feel as you do it. Be there in that moment. Create, in your mind, the kind of experience you want to happen at that event, at that time and place.

You don’t need to take a lot of time to do this. No more than 30 seconds per entry should be sufficient, but do take the time to do it with EVERY entry, all the way down to the end of your day creating the reality you desire with your imagination. Then go to bed as usual.

KEY POINT: This exercise is very important to your success because it can help you begin to consciously create your own future.  Most people live day-to-day without an clear vision of what they want to happen in their life. This technique will start to change that for you. So that you can literally live the life you’ve imagined and have it be one you created on purpose!

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