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Mindset Conditioning Exercises to help you get past the chaos and finally breakthrough the obstacles on your path to success

I am a firm believer in the idea that we create our own future, that our lives are in effect, good or bad, what we make of them based on our past beliefs, thoughts, habits and actions . . . and that can be a heady feeling sometimes, when things are going good. And sometimes, depending on our personal situation at the time, that can be a really hard pill to swallow.

But . . . there’s good news in that too. Because, it means EVERDAY, is a new day, a NEW BEGINNING where we can begin the process of wiping the slate clean; where we can begin to create our own new future.

With that in mind, I’m introducing a new feature – I will be offering exercises and tips you can use, right here, on the blog – with the goal of helping you to make major breakthroughs in creating the business and lifestyle you most desire.

Many people refer to this concept as the “Law of Attraction,” But whatever, you choose to call it, the bottom line is, when it’s done right, it works. And while there are many ways to actually apply the principles to your life, the most dramatic results seem to come when we have learned to tap into our creative center, to use our imagination, strong emotion and gratitude to internalize the change we envision. So I was very pleased when I stumbled upon  something that actually helps you do exactly that. . .

It was a book by parapsychologist, James T. Mangan, and the book was entitled “The Secret of Perfect Living.” It was written in the 1960’s and it focuses on a concept called switchwords.  Mr. Mangan believed that there are key words that we can use that our mind associates with specific types of things and draws them into our lives.

Now the 60’s was awhile ago and words, and attitudes and such change. But I still believe, actually, I know from personal experience, that words have power, and words charged with emotional energy and an attitude of gratitude or the lack thereof, can change your world. And so I give you these exercises to help you do exactly that.

I’ll be calling these – Mindset Conditioning Exercises. And I use the term touch-stone words, instead of switchwords – because it means something to me. . . but you are welcome to use whatever suits you best.

Now, just to be clear, I didn’t create these exercises. I have modified the wording to make them clearer . . . But, in every case – I strongly believe they will help you achieve the success you are striving for in your life and business.


Mindset Conditioning Exercise #1


Creating Or Discovering Your Touch-Stone Word 
Please carefully follow the directions below to do this exercise.

There are 3 Steps to this Exercise. In this exercise you’re going to be creating your very own “touch-stone word.” In this instance it will be a word and image or series of images that help you focus on what you want — This is an exercise where once you have put the components in place you’ll be able to start using it immediately to start creating a change in your mindset and what you attract into your life.

Step 1:

Find an image that represents, to you, what it is you want. It can be a mental image, something you cut out or print off the web or just make up.

It doesn’t matter if anyone else will get what the image means; but whether a literal image or more abstract, it should clearly reflect exactly what it is you want to you.

Once you have it – paste the image firmly in your mind, or on a piece of paper or even your wall . . .

Step 2:

Pick a word, any word . . . that means something to YOU, in relationship to the picture you just selected.

Think of it like “pictionary” or some other word association game. Look at your picture and pick the first emotionally-charged word that pops into your head – in other words, pick a word that means something to you on a “gut-level” when you think about what it is you want.

Don’t limit yourself, by editing your thoughts are trying to think logically. Your word doesn’t have to make sense – it just has to have an emotional connection to what it is you want.

For example if your goal is finding true love – maybe the word that comes up for you is “Paris”and that probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to you logically, maybe you don’t even like Paris – BUT, if that’s the word that comes up for you – it makes your heart beat faster and it feels like, the meaning of having true love in your life . . . that’s the word. It doesn’t have to make sense. Maybe you found true love in Paris in a past life, or maybe you saw a really good movie about it – who cares. If it has an emotional connection to what you want, use it.

Once you have your word write it under your picture you created earlier.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to internalize the process. This step is critical to making it all work, because ultimately, all real change comes from within. . . And it’s what makes it different than, say a wish board, or mind movie. By internalizing the process you learn to create desire or focus through the habit of internal repetition and the use of your imagination. And you can take it with you wherever you go.

So to get started . . . hold the image that you have chosen firmly in your mind. Then say the word that you have associated it with 3-5 times silently to yourself and then the same number of times out loud. Each time you say the word, whether silently or out loud, increase the level of emotion and enthusiasm you put into it.

Do this third step of the exercise at least 3 times a day every day and watch the changes it brings.

Key point: keep the image or idea of what you want firmly planted in your mind while you are repeating your personally chosen touch-stone word… do this as many times as possible, with emotion, during the day. A perfect time to use this technique is whenever you cannot focus or your mind wanders or you start to think of negative experiences.

Bring yourself back to what you really want and repeat your touch-stone word, as described above, until the negative feelings have faded or you are focused again.

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