Not-For-Profit Services

Biz_CoachYou’re the original helping hand . . . An effector of change. . .  You leave an impact on the world.

Let’s face it — not-for-profit organizations rock, because nothing is more powerful than people coming together for a cause they believe in, or to give a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves, either literally or figuratively.

But even if you provide your services at lower costs than for-profit businesses, or even free, it doesn’t mean you don’t have expenses you have to meet.

Most non-profits do that by accepting donations, submitting proposals for funding grants, fundraising events or some combination.

That’s where having a good attorney with experience working with not-for profit organizations can help. Unfortunately, if you’re a small grassroots or community-based non-profit you may have felt you couldn’t access quality legal services.

Small Business Legal Services, P.C. offers General Counsel Services designed specifically for smaller not-for-profit organizations.

  • We can help you obtain your 501(c) status
  • Register your Charity
  • Provide You with Resources and Assistance in Responding to RFPs
  • Complete Vendex Forms
  • Help with Corporate Governance
  • Create Employment Polices
  • Provide In-House Trainings

And most importantly, we work with you and your organization’s management team to guide you through the myriad of laws, regulations and rules that govern the operation of your organization.

Contact us online or call us at 315 636-0852 to discuss how we can help your organization.