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  What We Have To Offer


Business Formation Services

We help you choose the right business structure and use it effectively to grow your business.

Building a successful business is hard. You need to be able to plan realistically for your success. And, you need an experienced attorney that can work with you to draw out the right information and help you form the proper business structure. One that meets you needs for where you are now . . . and where you want to go.   With over 20 years of legal business experience we can help you do that,  it’s what we do.

When you work with Small Business Legal Services, we listen to you. We ask the right questions to help you choose the right business structure for your business.  And, there’s no nickel and diming you to give an artificially low price, like some of those big name online companies.

When we give you your corporate papers we include a Tax Identification  number; an S-Corp election if needed, as well as a complete corporate kit. Then we give you, in writing, what steps to take next with your corporate documents. We also give you complimentary access to our Build-A-Biz Academy,  Group Coaching Webinars, as well as our Ask the Expert Calls, to help you learn to market and grow your business effectivelyCorporate Kit

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Coaching Services

We help you grow your new business or make your existing one more profitable.

We don’t just help you set up a business structure and send you on your way. We’re entrepreneurs too, we’ve been where you are. So we can show you the ropes.  In fact we’ve built a whole online Business Building Academy. We also host weekly Ask the Expert Calls and group Coaching Sessions. We even provide complete marketing campaigns that you can copy.  And we have a ton of other business boosting resources to help you explode your business growth and profits. Small Business Legal Services, P.C. also offers one-on-one help.

A great business coach is the best friend any business can have. A coach will bring out the best you have to offer and help you take your business to the next level faster and more cost effectively, than going it alone. It’s a partnership with the win-win philosophy at its very core.

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General Counsel Services

Small Business Legal Services, P.C. offers General Counsel Services to small and home-based business owners and small community-based not-for-profits. One of the biggest mistakes small and home-based business owners make is not getting professional help when needed. Usually, it’s because they feel they can’t afford it, or feel too intimated by larger law firms, who generally are not geared to deal with small or home-based businesses.

And yet, business and law go together naturally.

If you’re not paying attention to the legal aspects of your business or the ramifications of the choices you make, you could be seriously stifling your company’s growth or even putting your assets at risk unnecessarily.  An experienced business attorney can work with you at every phase  of your business to insure you’re making the law work for you.  That’s why we offer affordable General Counsel Legal Services as well as Ala Carte Services to make sure you get the help you need. . . it’s that important.

As a business owner,  saying you can’t afford to be in the dark about constantly changing business regulations and laws, contract law and other legal issues is an understatement.  At Small Business Legal Services, P.C. we know how much of an impact having access to legal support and guidance can have on your business.  That’s what our General Counsel Services offers.

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The truth is we’re here for you because we get you — we designed our business with you in mind. Our name says it all.

Small Business Legal Services, P.C. — It’s what we do — It’s who we are

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