Welcome to Small Business Legal Services, P.C.

 Small Business Legal Services, P. C. is an innovative legal and coaching practice designed to help small and home-based business owners succeed.


 As a small business ourselves, we understand the challenges small and home-based business owners face in starting and growing their business. That’s why unlike most law firms, we don’t stop at just helping you form the right business structure. We offer a holistic experience that provides assistance with every aspect of your business from marketing, (including access to a million dollar ad library and swipe files), to workshops, strategic coaching and a full array of legal services tailored to your needs. We take great pride in providing strategic advice and coaching services that help you grow your business as fast and as profitably as possible.


Contact us online or call to set-up an appointment. Let us help you get your new business started, grow your existing one, or help you plan a profitable exit strategy for a business you wish to sell or pass on to future generations.

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